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Welcome to RM & RJ

For each term we will add a curriculum newsletter, so that you know what your child will be learning about at school an you can talk to them about it. 

We will also add photographs of children enjoying their learning at school for you to enjoy too.

Mrs Morgan is the class teacher of RM Meet-the-teacher-2023.doc

Mrs Jones is the class teacher of RJ Meet-the-teacher-2023-1.doc

Mrs Lisek, Miss Stephens and Mrs Armstrong are the Teaching Assistants in the EYFS and support all children across both classes.

Please do not hesitate to come and see any of the staff with any questions and queries and we will do our best to help you.

Autumn Term 1 - 2023

This half term, we will be looking at the topic of Superheroes, which includes finding out about themselves and their families. We will also be looking at some real life superheroes such as Florence Nightingale. We will tell the children about the festivals of Harvest as Sukkot as part of our Celebrations topic.

Please keep encouraging your children to be as independent as possible, by encouraging to get dressed by themselves, putting on and doing up coats and most importantly, recognising their own belongings so that they can find them easily when they are at school.



Autumn Term 2 - 2023

This half term we will be looking at Divali and Christmas as part of our celebrations topic and continuing with superheroes.

We will be reading Owl babies in English and exploring different shapes in Maths.

As the weather is getting colder please could you all bring in NAMED scarf, gloves, hat and warm coat. Thank you.


Spring Term 1 - 2024

This half term our topic is all about animals, we will be looking at their habitats and the different jobs they can have.
We will be comparing numbers to 5 and begining to write more complex words using our phonics knowledge.


Spring Term 2 - 2024

This half term we will be continuing with our animals topic and learning about celebrations such as Holi and Easter.
We will begin to begin to learn and describe 3D shapes and continue to read words using their phonics knowledge. 


Summer Term 1 2024

Welcome back, we hope you had a good Easter break. This term we will be learning about transport, the different types of vehicles and when we might use them.
We are learning about numbers beyond 10.




Summer Term 2 2024

In our last half term we will be continuing with our transport topic.
We will be consolidating our phonics knowledge and continuing to blending our words.