Absence Reporting



Please call us on 01527 525821 before 8.55 am to report your child's absence.  

Please can you ensure to advise of the reason why your child is off school, this will determine if the absence is authorised.

Where a child is absent, and no reason is given, we follow the guidelines set out by the Local Authority and attendance is recorded as 'unauthorised'.

If you would like to take your child out of school for any other reason, including holidays, you must submit a Leave of absence form which you can download HERE.   If you are unable to print you can request a hard copy from the School Office.

For routine appointments during school times, such as doctors, dentist, hospital, an authorised adult MUST collect your child from school.

Good attendance at school is a vital part of your child’s chance for academic success. At St Thomas More  Catholic First School, we proudly hold high aspirational expectations for attendance. Our ‘target’ or ‘goal’ will always be an unapologetic 100%. 100% of the days that your child is well, we expect them to attend school. 100% of the time we are open, we expect your child to attend school. It is your parental responsibility to ensure that your child attends school 100% of the time they are well enough to do so.